Three Fascinating Creatures

Hello, Friends.

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Side Hustling

For those of you that have followed this blog in the past, I’d like to let you know that I’ve decided that blogging is going to be my “Side Hustle”.  That means I have to put some real time and energy into it to actually have it produce any income.  And there is a lot of good advice out there about how to do just that.  Like this article from SmartBlogger.  All my research on it seems to boil down to this; be patient as it will take some time, give it a LOT of energy and practice and it will ultimately pay off.  Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that there is a TON of competition!

First, and most importantly, I must define my niche.

What is my Niche?

After much pondering and exploring what I love to do and write about, I decided that what I most wanted to talk about are the biological topics and issues that can have a significant impact on our everyday lives.  After all, I do have a doctorate in cell and molecular biology and have been associated with these areas all of my professional life. I’ll look for what the big news outlets agree are “hot topics” and I’ll also feel free to talk about biology that I find fascinating and think you’ll enjoy reading and learning about.

I hope this resonates with you and that you find the articles informative and interesting and that you share them with your friends and social media platforms.

Looking forward to exploring these topics with you.


Tucson Rambles

This past March we spent a week in Tucson to get some vitamin D sunshine!  And it was J’s first trip to the desert, ever!  We went on a couple of hikes, went to the amazing Kartchner Caverns, went to a desert botanical garden and bistro, Tohono Chul, and just hung out drinking tea at The Scented Leaf, where I picked up some nice green tea to take home.

Unfortunately, they don’t let you take pictures at Kartchner Caverns except on certain days and then you have to pay a lot of $$ so I don’t have anything to show you from our walk in the caves there but we did go to a great Mexican restaurant for lunch in a town close by.  We asked the Cavern staff where to go and the woman said “Lucky for you that I’m a total foodie and you have to go to this hole in the wall place, Mi Casa Restaurant, in Benson.  So we went and were not disappointed.  It’s literally a Mom and Pop place; she cooks, he waits the tables. The food was great and we were satiated and happy.

We also “lounged” through an evening at Gates Pass to watch the sunset.  Again, just perfect.  I have lots of great shots from the trip; here’s just some of my favourites.  Hope you enjoy.  (Hint: click on a photo to see the full size image)


A Bit Prickly

mountain desert pano-2
A Perfect Day

mountain-city pano-1
Overlooking Tucson

Wassan Pk hike pano-1
River of Sand

Wassan Pk hike pano-2
Desert Valley

Wassan Pk hike pano-3
Down the Valley on Blackett’s Ridge trail

Wassan Pk hike-10
A splash of colour

Sunset in the Pass
Sunset glow on peaks in Gates Pass with full moon.

Cacti and other flowers

cactus flower macro-1Bee on pink flowers-1saguaro arm-1Tohono Chul-1Tohono Chul-6Tohono Chul-7Tohono Chul-10Tohono Chul-11Wassan Pk hike-6Wassan Pk hike-7

Keep on Rambling,