Crooked Falls and Sigurd Creek trail

Nice trail with big trees, big rocks, spectacular waterfall, wildflowers and nice views for a minimum amount of hiking!  What’s not to like!

Click on the pics for larger versions.

A nice hike in the Ashlu valley just Northwest of Squamish.

big tree-1

On the way to the Falls.

sigurd creek trail-1

A big boulder, possibly an erratic?

sigurd creek trail-2

Another big Douglas Fir


Looking up….Waaaay up!

Crooked Falls-3 Crooked Falls-2

Crooked Falls-1

Crooked Falls

Crooked Falls-4 Crooked Falls-6


Crooked Falls-7

more views of the falls

Crooked Falls-5

Admiring the Falls

Crooked Falls-8

Admiring my partner at the Falls 😀


Lunchtime views at the Randy Stoltman Memorial Lookout

plants-3  plants-2

Maidenhair Fern and Common Speedwell, Prunella vulgaris, on the way back to the car


The last view on the way back to the car.  Just as we got back to the car it started to rain.  We timed it perfectly!!  Great morning and lunch hike for a cloudy day.

We enjoyed it.  Hope you did, too, vicariously.









2 thoughts on “Crooked Falls and Sigurd Creek trail

  1. I did enjoy it tremendously. Had everything; great forest, big trees, view, waterfall, no one else on the trail. Great day!


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