Golden Streets

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The photos above are photos of Washington D.C.’s “Golden Triangle” the geographic area that constitutes downtown DC. This Downtown area is managed by a non-profit called the Downtown Business Improvement District (Downtown B.I.D.) which has done a great job of cleaning the streets, planting an enormous amount of beautiful flowers, and hosting fun events such as movie nights and yoga in the park. The Downtown B.I.D. also does a lot of homeless outreach, although there are strong indicators that the Downtown B.I.D. would like to get homeless persons out of the downtown area (I’ll speak more specifically on that later in another post).

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Downtown B.I.D.’s slogan “Keep The Streets Golden,” and what that means. As you can see from the pictures above, it means a certain level of fanciness, art, shopping, aesthetic beauty, a bit of humor geared toward high-income persons. It also…

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