Meet Leonard, a Rubber Tramp

Without a Roof

Instead of trying to be hard core your way, try to bend a little bit to societies way and try to blend in a little bit more and it might be a little more easier on you.” – Leonard’s advice for those without roofs.

Leonard is a homeless Rubber Tramper who goes from place to place in his van. He uses the “General Labor” section of Craigslist to find work in the communities he visits. He’s been in Chico less than a full day.

I said, “Here in town they have the Jesus Center where you can go for food, clothing and showers.”Leonard replied, “Jesus Center… I try to avoid him.”

I asked Leonard his plans for the future… “I don’t have a home, I travel all the time. This driving around going from job to job, I have no real point or purpose. No ultimate goal and I’m 57…

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