How Fear Motivated Me To Live

Fear touches us all in one way or another. It’s how we hold it that’s the important thing. True North Nomad has given us a a glimpse of how she holds hers. And what a beautiful glimpse it is.

how fear motivated me to live

We sat there analyzing the angle, contemplating our odds, confirming the trajectory should our feet give way on the loose gravel.  Q glanced at me, his eyes filled with compassion and understanding should I choose to back out, we were after all 150 feet above the valley floor.  “I think we can make it,” he finally said calmly.

My good friend fear pleaded with me.  “Don’t listen to this fool, you can’t make it!  It’s certain death!”  Fear is a funny thing.  It can freeze you in your tracks or stoke the fire of motivation.  I know fear all to well.  Fear has been my BFF most of my life.  Fear had kept me frozen unable to move forward more times than I was willing to admit.  How do you quit a six figure career to pursue a dream to travel, photograph and blog?  It’s absurd to even consider, especially…

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