Faith In The Face Of All Things

A powerful lesson about why we should never give up hope and why we shouldn’t listen to those who would have us do so.

faith, inspiration, hope, spiritual

There is always a lesson in our trials and tribulations if we take the time to seek it out among the carnage.  For me, the greatest lesson I ever received came after years of living in a haze and functioning on auto-pilot.  Daily life became the same routine as I settled into my comfort zone.  Sure I wanted more, dreamt of more and wished for more, but actually having more required change I wasn’t about to leave my comfort zone for.

Then my comfort zone was obliterated with three words.  You. Have. I don’t speak the third word often.  I refuse to take ownership of it.  But that final word sunk my wants, dreams and wishes for the future because of the expectation attached to it.  Under the fog of knowledge of my demise, I sought a purpose, a reason for why this happened.  Not that I…

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