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The Story of The Survivor

How can I NOT reblog this. I’m one of the “stars” and was the “spotter” that day of said Survivor!! 🙂


27958991119_6f94955617_z The Survivor makes a powerful first impression. It’s one of the more unique trees that I have known

In a cool, quiet, forest glade in the North Shore Mountains sits a most venerable tree. Surrounded by a healthy stand of Pacific Silver Fir, this Western Red Cedar makes a daunting first impression. As you approach it from the south, the first thing you notice is the gaping wedge that has been cut from the trunk that almost resembles a mouth, of sorts. The many burls and aged trunk bely its centuries of growth, and its top thrives brilliantly, likely well into a seventh century of growth. Countless folk cruise within 40 metres of it it unwittingly every day without noticing it, on their way to Norvan Falls and points beyond. I call this tree The Survivor, and its narrative is well worth sharing.

39737612681_ccc596981d_z The surrounding forest is perfect for silver…

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Wake up Wednesday

To this view from my window.  Pretty nice.

The View From my Windows
Looking North at the Fannin Range and Sugar Mt and Diez Vistas ridge left of centre and Eagle Ridge with Tangled Summit centre to right.

It’s hard to deny; I live in a pretty spectacular area and we have a great view from our house!  Especially in winter when the leaves are off our neighbours trees.

Course, it can get slippery going up or down our hill before the plow and sander/salt trucks arrive!

Talk again later,


Cloud on the Inlet

I wanted to get in a good exercise walk today and when I looked out my window, I saw that there was a cloud sitting on the inlet.  It was pretty cold, front steps were icy and slippery, but it was going to be a sunny day as there was sun everywhere else so I figured it would either be a walk in total fog with no views or the sun might burn it off.

Got in the car and motored down the hill to corner of Moody and St John’s.  Parked there and walked the rest of the way to Rocky Pt park and continued around the inlet as planned.

I was not disappointed!  Although on the way to my turn around at Orchard Beach, all the boardwalks were frosted and slippery, on the way back, most of them had defrosted as the sun did come out.  And there was opportunity for some spectacular images, IMHO.

So here you go.  Enjoy

Rocky Point pics-1Rocky Point pics-2Rocky Point pics-3Rocky Point pics-4Rocky Point pics-5

Pretty neat, huh!!! 🙂 Almost wish I’d brought my real camera!

Keep rambling,


My Everchanging View

The view from my windows is ever changing with the season and is often very beautiful.  Here’s what it looked like a little while before all the leaves fell off and after an early dash of snow.

looking at the mountains
looking closer at the mountains and shrubbery
my front yard Japanese red maple

Isn’t my little part of the world a beautiful place.  8 =)



Faith In The Face Of All Things

A powerful lesson about why we should never give up hope and why we shouldn’t listen to those who would have us do so.

faith, inspiration, hope, spiritual

There is always a lesson in our trials and tribulations if we take the time to seek it out among the carnage.  For me, the greatest lesson I ever received came after years of living in a haze and functioning on auto-pilot.  Daily life became the same routine as I settled into my comfort zone.  Sure I wanted more, dreamt of more and wished for more, but actually having more required change I wasn’t about to leave my comfort zone for.

Then my comfort zone was obliterated with three words.  You. Have. I don’t speak the third word often.  I refuse to take ownership of it.  But that final word sunk my wants, dreams and wishes for the future because of the expectation attached to it.  Under the fog of knowledge of my demise, I sought a purpose, a reason for why this happened.  Not that I…

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