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Being A Woman and My Attitude Problem- Thoughts

Well said and a problem that never seems to go away. Jenn is right up front about it and is worth listening to.

Jennie Lives Blog

I’m not exactly a practicing feminist. I don’t go to rally’s and I haven’t lobbied for anything outside of talking with the men and boys in my life about respecting women and girls.  I am all for protecting women and pointing out the flaws in our culture that can make our lives miserable. I’ve never marched for the cause, but that’s about to change.

Short story.

I was in the hospital briefly when I was first becoming ill with Lyme Disease. I left work that night and went to the emergency room. I had been self diagnosing and medicating for awhile before I went to ask for help. My supervisor that night actually made me leave.

I spent almost 10 hours in the ER at the hospital. I left around 4 a.m.  As I was driving home, I took a different route than I needed to because I was starving…

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Notification Letter From Canada Post

In our mailbox, yesterday! And 10 days after the fact….

Canada Post letter-39

On my way to work yesterday, I ran into a reporter from the Tri-City News, Sarah and Lori,  a neighbour, who were there to further research the situation and take pictures as a result of the copy of my letter and a phone conversation I had with Sarah.  Here’s the story that came  from their investigations!  Nicely stated.

Just to put this into perspective, the post office where they are holding our mail is about a 20 minute drive from where we live!

So, things are moving along and as they say “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”!  Question is, just what kind of grease is best in this situation?  I’m not 100% sure but I know we can’t continue as if nothing has happened and as if there is not a concern that needs to be addressed on all sides.

Re the postal delivery, I think the best solution would be to locate a cluster of mail boxes on the side of the road, central to our houses, that we could ALL walk to.  There are at least 2 locations that would work for that solution to the mail problem.

But that doesn’t address the issue re the overall safety for pedestrians who walk up and down Gatensbury Rd.  This issue is not going to go away and I will keep hounding officials until we see some kind of resolution.

Keep ya posted,