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What I hike with – Rucksack

nice pack. I’ll have to check it out. I have my faves too, though……


Castle Mountain DeuterDeuter Guide Lite 32 in the Canadian Rockies

I thought I’d share a little bit about the gear that I use for my hikes. First off I’m going to mention my rucksack, which I think is one of the key pieces of equipment you need to get right to really enjoy your hike. I use a Deuter Guide Lite 32 rucksack. There’s a newer model of the Guide Lite 32 now, but I don’t think I’ll change this one for a while.

DeuterDeuter Guide Lite 32

It’s easily adjustable so you can adapt it to suit your back, it fits flat to your back but doesn’t get too hot due to the strategic placement of  the padding. There’s one large main compartment with and elasticated internal pocket which I usually keep my maps and sun hat in when I’m not using them. The top part of the pack has two…

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excellent thoughts about focus and it’s many uses in constructing a photograph or image.


The focus. It burns.

Focus a magnifying glass on a piece of paper and let the sun make a little image of itself. So bright, so hot. Smoke soon rises.

Focus a camera lens on a subject. With the iris wide open, the subject is sharp, striking home, blazing itself into the film or sensor, and all else around it is softening into the balls and blurs of bokeh. It is like the word focus: soft at the peripheries (/f/, /s/) and sharp in the centre (/k/).

With the iris tighter, more appears in focus; you get more picture, more context, but more distraction too – more in focus makes it less focused.

With the iris too tight, nothing is quite sharp but everything is equally in focus and equally diffracted. You see all equally clearly and nothing quite clearly enough.

I have a lifelong ambivalence about focus. I…

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Meet Leonard, a Rubber Tramp

Without a Roof

Instead of trying to be hard core your way, try to bend a little bit to societies way and try to blend in a little bit more and it might be a little more easier on you.” – Leonard’s advice for those without roofs.

Leonard is a homeless Rubber Tramper who goes from place to place in his van. He uses the “General Labor” section of Craigslist to find work in the communities he visits. He’s been in Chico less than a full day.

I said, “Here in town they have the Jesus Center where you can go for food, clothing and showers.”Leonard replied, “Jesus Center… I try to avoid him.”

I asked Leonard his plans for the future… “I don’t have a home, I travel all the time. This driving around going from job to job, I have no real point or purpose. No ultimate goal and I’m 57…

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Golden Streets

Introspective and thought provoking. Well said and well written, from the heart.

A Home For Every Heart








The photos above are photos of Washington D.C.’s “Golden Triangle” the geographic area that constitutes downtown DC. This Downtown area is managed by a non-profit called the Downtown Business Improvement District (Downtown B.I.D.) which has done a great job of cleaning the streets, planting an enormous amount of beautiful flowers, and hosting fun events such as movie nights and yoga in the park. The Downtown B.I.D. also does a lot of homeless outreach, although there are strong indicators that the Downtown B.I.D. would like to get homeless persons out of the downtown area (I’ll speak more specifically on that later in another post).

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Downtown B.I.D.’s slogan “Keep The Streets Golden,” and what that means. As you can see from the pictures above, it means a certain level of fanciness, art, shopping, aesthetic beauty, a bit of humor geared toward high-income persons. It also…

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