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Panoramas Continued

Since my last post about panoramas, I’ve made several more that I really like.  This post I’ll focus (pun intended) 🙂 on ones from my local neighbourhood.  I’ve also made it so you can click on each of the images and see them up close and personal in a new window.  Without being too conceited, I think you’ll enjoy the extra details you can see in the larger versions!  I always do.

First, one I stitched together from 2 photos taken in July from a walk at DeBoughville Slough with J and my sister, in Coquitlam, BC.

DeBoville Slough and Mts
Looking NE up the Pitt River at the Golden Ears Mt massif in the background. Golden Ears Mt is centre-left and Blanshard Needle is is the pointy one almost dead centre.


Next, a pano taken in October, from 2 photos taken with my LG5 phone camera on the the Bluffs above Admiralty Point in Belcarra Park, Port Moody, BC.

Belcarra Bluffs pano-1
Looking West down the Burrard Inlet past Vancouver in the distance.

Another October stitch, from 7 photos taken from a hike to the White Rock viewpoint in Coquitlam.  If you look at the centre land features in this one, you can see the same hill and towers and point of land you saw in the previous picture.  This is up higher and a more expansive view.  Vancouver Island way in the distance.

White Rock Viewpoint pano
Looking South and West. You can see city of Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond. Also SFU on Burnaby Mt in left mid-ground.


Here’s one I made from a 3 photos one cloudy December morning while walking around the inlet. I’m on the North side shooting South. Another set with the LG5.

Looking South from the Shoreline Trail along the Inlet in Port Moody, BC
Clouds and trees and water

Not perfect but it made Explore on Flickr with almost 6 thousand views and that is saying something!

One from Maple Beach on a January hike to Admiralty point.  A stitch of 5 shots.  It was a “dreary” day so black and white was the way to go here.

Sculpture at Maple Beach
Sculpture at Maple Beach in Belcarra Park, a beach on the way to Admiralty Point.


Here’s one at the Rocky Point piers in February, looking North towards the mountains.  2 LG photos stitched to make this.

Rocky Pt Inlet and piers
Looking North at the Fannin range with Seymour Mt foremost.


Last but not least, 2 panoramas I made a few days ago during a walk around Buntzen Lake.  It was cloudy, the lake was perfectly still and I was, as they say, in the right place at the right time. The first one is a composite of 4 shots.

Buntzen Lake panorama
Looking at part of Eagle Ridge from West shore of Buntzen Lake.


This second one is a stitch of 10 photos!  That’s right, 10.  It took a bit of processing time but was totally worth it.  It also made Explore and as of the writing of this post, was about to break 7,000 views!  As you might imagine, I’m very proud of this one.

Buntzen Lake panos
Reflection of the whole of Eagle ridge in Buntzen Lake.

So there you have it, my latest local panorama compositions.  Can’t really call them photos because they are always put together from at least 2 and often more, captures.  Hope you enjoyed the show.

Keep rambling,


Gaining Entrance in Seattle

I love how windows and doorways can really give character and class to a place.  Here’s a couple in a neighborhood of Seattle that I often visit near the Space Needle.  The first one is really classy and is on one of those buildings that are on a triangular intersection.  I especially like the white and black tiled stairway.  Not something you see much of anymore.

Seattle Doorways-2

This second one has always been one of my favourite Seattle doorways, The Arkona Building.  I’d want to live there just so I could walk in and out of that entrance everyday on my way to where ever!

Seattle Doorways-3

Both of these first 2 entrances use a classic arch motif.  Arches are another topic that I’ll have to explore someday but here’s just a sample from Wikipedia of what there is to know about arches;

“The ancient Romans learned the arch from the Etruscans, refined it and were the first builders to tap its full potential for above ground buildings”.

Clearly this is an arch-itectural topic worth exploring photographically in the future!

This last one for this post is at the entrance to a pottery gallery and studio.  It’s a recessed entrance and is covered in a ceramic mosaic that is so colourful and joyful.  It’s hard not to smile when you enter or exit this one.

Seattle Doorways-1

That was just a small portion of the mosaic but you get the idea.  Just a lot of fun.

I hope this post entranced you and I will now proceed to Barnum and Bailey’s famous “egress”.

Rambling on….


Down from the Mountain art show

Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland used to have 2 schools with art programs; Emily Carr university of Art and Design and Capilano Universtiy.  Unfortuately, Capilano has ended one of its long standing art programs, stranding both teachers and students in a bit of a limbo land.  The teachers and students have had 2 “final” art shows to  display works that came out of these programs.  I attended both shows, the last one being called “Down from the Mountain“.

Both were held in local spaces, with DFTM being in a warehouse near my condo.  My partner’s daughter is one of the students who is being “ejected” before finishing her degree in this program.  She is quite a talented young artist and like many other art students, preferred the atmosphere of Capilano U to that of Emily Carr.  Be that as it may, here’s some of the work that I saw at the shows.

These first few pieces are those of my partner’s daughter, RR.  Almost all pieces shown are for sale if not already purchased but please!  This is not an attempt to sell her works for her or the other artists.  Just enjoy the work of these talented people.






A self portrait of RR.  This is a big piece.  Really had to work to get it in the car when taking it home from the show!!



The 2 pieces on the left sold at the show 🙂



The following pieces are by other artists.  Sorry but I don’t have their names.  I could get them for you if you really want to know.



Below – Abstract of a much larger piece.  There was a lot of textile type art pieces.  And lots that I didn’t take pictures of!



Below – complete piece.  This was a fairly small one.



Below – Abstract of larger piece.



Below – most of the piece.  Just missing out some borders.



Below- Most of the piece. Missing out some borders



The head of a body-sized sculpture.  The rest was cloth draped around a scaffolding to resemble a figure.



Below – Abstract of a much larger piece.



Below – Another abstract of a larger piece.  Smaller sections worked nicely as photographic images.



Below – 2 abstracts of the larger charcoal etching that follows.  Because of the large size of the piece, I didn’t even realize it was a house until I took the picture and saw it on my camera display and then house came through loud and clear!  This piece I actually recorded the name and the artist: “How You Enter a Life” by Kazu Matsukura.





The full image.  It was quite large, also.



Hope you enjoyed the show.