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Gatensbury Rd: Another Step Forward

As the story of the safety issues on Gatensbury Rd continues to unfold, first introduced by me here in this post, we are heartened to see that we are still making news, although no longer on the front page. SPayne11DecTCN.png

I want to personally take a moment to thank Tri-City News reporter, Sarah Payne for her excellent coverage and willingness to keep following this story with and for us.

And this excellent editorial, which was published on Dec 1st, also in the TCN, is another example of the kind of support that the community is showing for the problems we are facing.

It’s a bit ironic that it took such a small thing, the failure to deliver our mail because of one postal worker’s safety concerns, to bring such a large  issue back to light again.  But it was the hook that caught the community’s imagination; kind of like the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

This issue first came before City Council in 2007, and was brought up again by Lori Holdenried in 2010 and both times previous, it was noted and forgotten. *(see note below)

As noted in the article pictured above, this past Tuesday, Dec 8th, a delegation of about 10 residents including Lori, myself and others both youngsters and oldsters, appeared at City Council’s monthly and last meeting of 2015 to further appeal our case for addressing the issue of safety on our section of roadway.

After our presentation, all 6 councillors and Mayor Clay had extensive questions and comments for us.  As councillor Diana Dillworth noted, our concern is valid, but without a political will to address it, it WILL be passed over again or not fully addressed.  The political reality is this; any of the solutions we are considering will cost money, a fairly substantial amount, and that means if they assign the money to our problem, it has to come from somewhere.  That somewhere is other projects that money has been budgeted and allocated to.  So there needs to be some thought and negotiation as to how to actually proceed.

We appreciate that fact.  We also know that it will not be solved overnight.  What is most important is that the safety issues of Gatensbury Rd. don’t fall off the radar screen again and fade into nothingness.  We all feel that there is a serious tragedy that is just waiting to happen and we’d like to take the ounce of prevention here instead of having to respond with a pound of cure, because such an event occurs.

To this end, we were quite pleased with 2 positive outcomes from our appearance before the Mayor and City Council:

  1. That council unanimously passed a motion to have traffic safety on our street added to the Traffic Safety Committee’s 2016 work plan
  2. That Mark Halpin, transportation planner- engineering division, met with us in the hall after the meeting to assure us that he will personally bring our concerns forward in future TSC meetings.

As they say, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” and as I personally assured the Mayor and Council, we will continue to keep squeaking!!

Thanks for listening.  Please share if you’d like to help with our squeaking 🙂


* Lori just corrected me and sent me a wonderful pdf “Moody Centre Neighborhood Traffic Study: Final Report, 2007.  I’ll be sharing some of the report’s studies and conclusions in future blogs. If you’d like a copy of it, just contact me via comments and I’ll email it to you.



Letter to the Mayor and Council of Port Moody

Where’s my Mail?

Dear Mayor and Council.

I wanted to take a moment to inform you of recent events regarding mail delivery in our neighbourhood. For reasons unknown to us, our street – the 1000 block of Gatensbury Rd – has recently been deemed “a danger to deliver mail” zone. We received no advance warning, not even a note from Canada Post telling us about this decision and why it was made. We just noticed that our mail hadn’t been delivered for over a week and wondered why? We called Canada Post, we emailed them, we filled out online tickets about the problem and no one was able to even tell us about the decision. They all knew nothing. It wasn’t until one of our residents went down to the Post Office to see what the problem might be that they told him of this decision.

People have been living on this street for over 30 years and never heard of such a thing. We have senior citizens in their 90s who have been getting mail continuously all this time and who don’t have the ability to just truck on down to the post office in Port Coquitlam, where we now have to go to get our mail ourselves. And the Post office is only open 9-5 on weekdays so getting it is a major problem for people who work normal jobs.

We want to know how or why this decision was made so suddenly and whether the city of Port Moody is willing to address this problem with us? For years, residents on this hill have been asking for a proper sidewalk so that they weren’t constantly exposed to cars speeding up and down the hill as they walked along the side of the road. In our minds, there is a serious accident here just waiting to happen to some cyclist or pedestrian. And now, the Post Office has deemed us a danger zone, apparently because they have decided there is no place for their carriers to safely walk while delivering mail.

What we have been told is that the costs could only be expended if our taxes were raised to pay for it, and we’re talking millions of dollars! How many other city residents have had to pay to have the city put in a sidewalk on their street? In fact, there is a sidewalk which goes part way up the hill on the East side of the street and then it just stops. For no apparent reason.

We also noticed that almost all the other roads in our neighbourhood at the bottom of the hill were repaved this past spring and summer and we thought, finally, Gatensbury Rd will get the kind of attention it desperately needs. But again, no, the repaving stopped right where Gatensbury Rd starts.

And in just a few more months time, the Evergreen Line, will be operating, with a station at the bottom of our hill on Clarke St. The traffic is already bad on this hill, which was never designed for this volume. What is going to happen when people start using the sky train – driving or walking to and from it?

We ask that council start seriously thinking about our street and possible solutions to the many problems it faces now and will continue to face in the future.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Rich Sobel

Gatensbury, Rd, Port Moody, BC