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Panoramas Continued

Since my last post about panoramas, I’ve made several more that I really like.¬† This post I’ll focus (pun intended) ūüôā on ones from my local neighbourhood.¬† I’ve also made it so you can click on each of the images and see them up close and personal in a new window.¬† Without being too conceited, I think you’ll enjoy the extra details you can see in the larger versions!¬† I always do.

First, one I stitched together from 2 photos taken in July from a walk at DeBoughville Slough with J and my sister, in Coquitlam, BC.

DeBoville Slough and Mts
Looking NE up the Pitt River at the Golden Ears Mt massif in the background. Golden Ears Mt is centre-left and Blanshard Needle is is the pointy one almost dead centre.


Next, a pano taken in October, from 2 photos taken with my LG5 phone camera on the the Bluffs above Admiralty Point in Belcarra Park, Port Moody, BC.

Belcarra Bluffs pano-1
Looking West down the Burrard Inlet past Vancouver in the distance.

Another October stitch, from 7 photos taken from a hike to the White Rock viewpoint in Coquitlam.  If you look at the centre land features in this one, you can see the same hill and towers and point of land you saw in the previous picture.  This is up higher and a more expansive view.  Vancouver Island way in the distance.

White Rock Viewpoint pano
Looking South and West. You can see city of Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond. Also SFU on Burnaby Mt in left mid-ground.


Here’s one I made from a 3 photos one cloudy December morning while walking around the inlet. I’m on the North side shooting South. Another set with the LG5.

Looking South from the Shoreline Trail along the Inlet in Port Moody, BC
Clouds and trees and water

Not perfect but it made Explore on Flickr with almost 6 thousand views and that is saying something!

One from Maple Beach on a January hike to Admiralty point.¬† A stitch of 5 shots.¬† It was a “dreary” day so black and white was the way to go here.

Sculpture at Maple Beach
Sculpture at Maple Beach in Belcarra Park, a beach on the way to Admiralty Point.


Here’s one at the Rocky Point piers in February, looking North towards the mountains.¬† 2 LG photos stitched to make this.

Rocky Pt Inlet and piers
Looking North at the Fannin range with Seymour Mt foremost.


Last but not least, 2 panoramas I made a few days ago during a walk around Buntzen Lake.  It was cloudy, the lake was perfectly still and I was, as they say, in the right place at the right time. The first one is a composite of 4 shots.

Buntzen Lake panorama
Looking at part of Eagle Ridge from West shore of Buntzen Lake.


This second one is a stitch of 10 photos!¬† That’s right, 10.¬† It took a bit of processing time but was totally worth it.¬† It also made Explore and as of the writing of this post, was about to break 7,000 views!¬† As you might imagine, I’m very proud of this one.

Buntzen Lake panos
Reflection of the whole of Eagle ridge in Buntzen Lake.

So there you have it, my latest local panorama compositions.¬† Can’t really call them photos because they are always put together from at least 2 and often more, captures.¬† Hope you enjoyed the show.

Keep rambling,



Every year from around the end of November to around the end of January, a local park, Lafarge Lake, puts on a festival¬†of lights¬†that goes around the whole lake. We finally made it to this year’s display¬†with a couple of friends on the last day! ¬†It’s quite the scene. I’m told that each year there are more lights and the displays are all constructed by volunteers.

Here’s a few photos from my LG50 not-always-as-smart-as-they-want-us-to-think phone.


Next year, I’ll take the real camera and a tripod and do it justice. ¬†It’s quite beautiful. These pics¬†just give you a quick sampling.



Misty Morning Meander

park pano-1

Mist in Miller Park during a morning run.  Caught my eye and I had to stop briefly to get out the phone and get the shot before continuing on with business as usual.

Usually when I run or walk through this park, there’s people with dogs and those ball toss thingies they use to give their dogs exercise.¬† No one there this morning but me.

I love how the camera accentuated the mist-blurred sun.


Around “The Hood”

Just out for a nice 1 hour + power walk early this afternoon.  There are several nice areas to walk in where I live in Port Moody, BC, and neighborhoods that avoid the traffic and noise on the major arteries so I like to get into those areas quite quickly.

This walk was no exception.¬† One of the things I’ve seen cropping up in various neighborhoods are little book exchange boxes and this walk brings me right by this one.¬† Very nicely done, don’t you think?

book exchange

After walking around a bit more, I finished off with a bit of a loop around Como Lake and then headed back down the hill to home.  It was a bit misty and quiet and the lake provided a couple of nice scenes.


Some mallards that call the lake home.

ComoLake-3 ComoLake-2

And this lovely tree that sits out in the lake on a small “island”.

About an hour after I got home, the sun came out and the misty atmosphere vanished.  Lucky to capture it while I could.