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Mackay Creek Trail up Grouse Mt.

Once-a-week or so, I go up Grouse Mt to stay in shape for the hiking season.  My usual trail is the un-Grind, more commonly known as the BCMC trail.  But they are working on regrading the parking lot etc and all the usual access trailheads are closed.  And this time of year is perfect for going up along Mackay creek. It’s more than just a gurgle with the snowmelt and it’s one of my favourite ways to go up when I’m not in a hurry as it takes another 20-30 minutes more than the BCMC or Grind.  To get to this not so well known TH, just walk East along the powerline for about 15 minutes and when you cross over Mackay creek on the bridge, you will see the rough path leading up to the left and following the creek. 

looking up Mackay Creek from the bridge

Here’s the route from my Garmin forerunner 405. Just follow the red line.  Took a little under 2h to reach the chalet but we weren’t pushing it!


Okay, this is not a full on trip report, just a quickie to put up a couple of photos and tell you about this not so well known trail.  It was interesting to actually see orange markers on the trees.  I’ve been going up this trail for years now and it was never marked so someone has taken it on.  Eventually, the trail hits the Baden Powell trail and there are a couple of different ways to proceed from that point.  I just keep going up. 

peek-a-boo city of Vancouver view part way up
sunlight coming through the mist in the woods.

Also had to take the blue skyride down as they are doing the yearly routine service on the larger red cars now that ski season is coming to an end.

Then it was back home to shower up and enjoy my just desserts, which also included a couple of pieces of chocolate :0)

my reward for such efforts 🙂


Hope your day is going as nice as this one started out!

Ramblin on…..