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Cloud on the Inlet

I wanted to get in a good exercise walk today and when I looked out my window, I saw that there was a cloud sitting on the inlet.  It was pretty cold, front steps were icy and slippery, but it was going to be a sunny day as there was sun everywhere else so I figured it would either be a walk in total fog with no views or the sun might burn it off.

Got in the car and motored down the hill to corner of Moody and St John’s.  Parked there and walked the rest of the way to Rocky Pt park and continued around the inlet as planned.

I was not disappointed!  Although on the way to my turn around at Orchard Beach, all the boardwalks were frosted and slippery, on the way back, most of them had defrosted as the sun did come out.  And there was opportunity for some spectacular images, IMHO.

So here you go.  Enjoy

Rocky Point pics-1Rocky Point pics-2Rocky Point pics-3Rocky Point pics-4Rocky Point pics-5

Pretty neat, huh!!! 🙂 Almost wish I’d brought my real camera!

Keep rambling,


Around “The Hood”

Just out for a nice 1 hour + power walk early this afternoon.  There are several nice areas to walk in where I live in Port Moody, BC, and neighborhoods that avoid the traffic and noise on the major arteries so I like to get into those areas quite quickly.

This walk was no exception.  One of the things I’ve seen cropping up in various neighborhoods are little book exchange boxes and this walk brings me right by this one.  Very nicely done, don’t you think?

book exchange

After walking around a bit more, I finished off with a bit of a loop around Como Lake and then headed back down the hill to home.  It was a bit misty and quiet and the lake provided a couple of nice scenes.


Some mallards that call the lake home.

ComoLake-3 ComoLake-2

And this lovely tree that sits out in the lake on a small “island”.

About an hour after I got home, the sun came out and the misty atmosphere vanished.  Lucky to capture it while I could.