Winter up the BCMC

Thought it was time for a quick break from all the Port Moody politics so here’s just a few phone shots of our hike up the  BCMC trail this past Monday.

First pic was taken by my hiking buddy.  Rest are mine.

For those who don’t know, the trails on Grouse Mountain are “closed” in the winter season but those of us who are dedicated find a way to go up anyway.

I especially love the BCMC trail in winter because all the roots and rocks on the trail get covered up with snow and you just have this lovely snow path through the mountain forest.  If you are a bit leery of the slippery footing, you just put on Yak trax or microspikes and away you go.  And there’s absolutely no avalanche danger on this trail, unlike the Grouse Grind which traverses a few steep slopes with steep drop offs.  Which never seems to phase the “grinders”, either!

My friend and I go up pretty much every Monday, rain or shine, winter, spring, summer or fall.  Keeps us in shape for those real hikes 🙂

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