Gaining Entrance in Seattle

I love how windows and doorways can really give character and class to a place.  Here’s a couple in a neighborhood of Seattle that I often visit near the Space Needle.  The first one is really classy and is on one of those buildings that are on a triangular intersection.  I especially like the white and black tiled stairway.  Not something you see much of anymore.

Seattle Doorways-2

This second one has always been one of my favourite Seattle doorways, The Arkona Building.  I’d want to live there just so I could walk in and out of that entrance everyday on my way to where ever!

Seattle Doorways-3

Both of these first 2 entrances use a classic arch motif.  Arches are another topic that I’ll have to explore someday but here’s just a sample from Wikipedia of what there is to know about arches;

“The ancient Romans learned the arch from the Etruscans, refined it and were the first builders to tap its full potential for above ground buildings”.

Clearly this is an arch-itectural topic worth exploring photographically in the future!

This last one for this post is at the entrance to a pottery gallery and studio.  It’s a recessed entrance and is covered in a ceramic mosaic that is so colourful and joyful.  It’s hard not to smile when you enter or exit this one.

Seattle Doorways-1

That was just a small portion of the mosaic but you get the idea.  Just a lot of fun.

I hope this post entranced you and I will now proceed to Barnum and Bailey’s famous “egress”.

Rambling on….


2 thoughts on “Gaining Entrance in Seattle

  1. Rich, I love the first one. It is so classy and done well. Keep this going. LOve seeing another side of a city I have never, but hope to visit, been to!


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